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Inaugural Address

Dr. Anand Deshpande – Founder, Chairman and Managing Director, Persistent Systems Ltd.

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BlackBerry Development Platform

This session looks at how the new BlackBerry Browser Widget platform can simplify the process for mobilizing enterprise applications using HTML and JavaScript technologies. You will learn about the newest Java development tools for BlackBerry development and how to leverage … Continue reading

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Deep Dive Into Application Development for Nokia Platforms

This talk will discuss the latest trends in Application development for Nokia devices and lets you get an understanding of the architecture of Nokia platforms and Technologies. This session shares thoughts on Qt, which is a powerful C++ application development … Continue reading

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Power Your Mobile Applications On The Cloud

Mobile applications typically present the client side of a hosted application be it an enterprise app or a web application. This session aims to bridge and cover how you can power your mobile applications from the Cloud. The presentation will … Continue reading

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Performance in Android: Tips and Techniques

While desktops and laptops have gotten more and more powerful, performance considerations for applications running on the desktop are not critical to the success of the app. However, mobile devices are quickly becoming a viable computing platform and many devices … Continue reading

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Mobile Web Applications using HTML5

HTML5 is expected to become mainstream soon. It brings a lot of new features that developers can incorporate today. The Webkit browser is currently the best implementation of the HTML5 standards and it is also available on a variety of … Continue reading

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Adobe Flash Platform for Mobile Development

Write one code, ActionScript, and publish your application to multiple mobile devices, web, and desktops. Learn the aspects of multiscreen coding using Adobe Flex, Flash Builder, Flash Professional and emulate your content in Adobe Device Central. This session will cover … Continue reading

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Cross-platform mobile development: choices and limitations

Mobile development is still in a nascent stage. New platforms keep emerging and old ones regularly undergo major changes. To confuse matters further there are several cross-platform tools each claiming to use a single codebase to target multiple phones. What … Continue reading

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Getting Started With Android Application Development

This session looks at – Introduction to Android Android OS Capabilities Building Blocks of Android Use Case – Building Blocks and their Interaction for Gmail Client Understanding Android UI Challenges in building Android Application and Best Practices Web Services Client … Continue reading

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Understanding the Touch Interface

With the advent of the iPhone and Android, more and more mobile with touch screens are hitting the market. In spite of superficial similarities, designing an app for a touch based interface is very different from designing an app for … Continue reading

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Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Platform

This session talks about the new Windows Phone 7 Platform from Microsoft. This session will look at the device, the platform architecture, the application platform, the New UX, Metro UI and general device specifications and capabilities. It will also touch … Continue reading

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bada platform & Samsung’s multi-platform strategy

This session begins with an overview of Samsung’s multi-platform strategy – the reasons for treading on multiple platforms, the need for ‘bada’ and the positioning of different platforms among the Samsung devices. The session would then extend into a detailed … Continue reading

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