Rohit Nayak

Rohit Nayak - Speaker Mobile Application Development ConferenceRohit has almost 20 years experience in software development, systems analysis and design. He has over ten years of solid Internet and E-commerce experience. He has been in technical and project leadership positions with interaction with clients for consulting, requirements analysis and software specification.He is also involved in mobile application development building applications on multiple platforms and is playing a consulting architect in several web based applications. Rohit has a B-Tech (EE) from IIT Bombay and an M-Tech (EE) from IIT Madras.

  1. Cross-platform mobile development: choices and limitations

Rohit Nayak will be presenting at the Conference On Mobile Application Development to be held in Pune, India on 19,20 November 2010.Click here for a list of other Speakers & Sessions @ The Conference

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