Power Your Mobile Applications On The Cloud

Mobile applications typically present the client side of a hosted application be it an enterprise app or a web application. This session aims to bridge and cover how you can power your mobile applications from the Cloud. The presentation will demonstrate how you can power both a native mobile application (Android) and a mobile web application (HTML based) from the Cloud via REST based HTTP Services.

The session will look at:
a) Advantages of using the cloud for mobile apps, with Google App Engine as an example. We shall build and deploy a simple Google App Engine application in the Cloud live.
b) Develop a simple Android Native Application that is powered by the services developed in (a). Demonstrate the same for a Mobile Web Application
c) Cover WURFL and how the device database can help you serve different content based on the capabilities of the mobile device that accesses your application.

Speaker: Romin Irani
This session on “Power Your Mobile Applications From The Cloud” will be presented at the 1st IndicThreads.com Conference On Mobile Application Development to be held in Pune, India on 19,20 November 2010.Click here for a list of other Sessions @ The Conference

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